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Pest Exterminator in the Northern New Jersey Area

Find an expert pest exterminator in New Jersey, that ensures only humans and pets are left to inhabit your home. Nutech Pest Control provides you with a variety of thorough pest control services at competitive prices.


Don’t put up with rodents in your home! We come and inspect the interior and exterior of your house as well as other methods providing the highest quality of assurance.



We inspect the perimeter and the interior and provide treatment for the ants. They come from outside and seek sweet smelling items, so we set up barriers outside the home.



Our expert baiting methods and inspection reports identify where roaches are harboring.

Bed Bugs

Our team comes in and gives a thorough treatment for bed bugs. There are 18 aspects to this service and you have to be out the house for around 4 to 5 hours.


We perform house inspections, you should take your pet to the vet and have them wash the pet thoroughly, and we will treat the area where the animal usually lays for flea remedies. Additionally, we will provied you with a preparation sheet.

Spiders, Crickets and Centipedes

An evaluation and report of the home will be provided and an individualized action plan will be set in place to address your needs.

We also get rid of other pests such as bees, termites, mosquitoes, moths etc.

For stink bugs we do an inspection. After we perform a complete inspection we then take necessary action to eliminate the problem.


  • University that certifies that Donald Tucker has attended and satisfactorily passed an examination covering the contents of a workshop entitled: Certified Field Trainer.
  • Certify that Donald tucker has successfully completed Basic Carpenter Ant Technician Certification Course on this 3rd day of May 1996.
  • Congressman Donald M. Payne - 10th District, New Jersey. Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, presented to Donald Tucker for completion of the Empowered Leaders Training Institute and for your commitment to making a difference in your neighborhood.
  • The Texas A&M University System. Certificate of Completion.
    This certifies that Donald Tucker successfully completed the Texas A&M University Correspondence Course in Termite biology and Control of the 54th day of May 2005.
  • AIB Food Safety Education - Completed all of the requirements prescribed by the Faculty of this Educational Institution, and has completed the course of Food Processing Sanitation/Hygiene on June 03, 2004.
  • Purdue University - Recognizes Donald Tucker for satisfactory completion of Pest Management Technology 6th Edition on march 16, 2005.

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